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- Bild 1 von 3 Foto: Gus Van Sant «Die Farbe von Fuchsfellen gefällt mir», sagt die italienische Schauspielerin in einem Café in Rom. I thought: Finally! Michele and Van Sant shot for 20 days over the course of the last month in Rome and other locations in Italy with their star, the performance artist Silvia Calderoni, and a cast of Michele “friends and family” extras. His collection lives and breathes on the characters, sometimes suffocatingly so. Which is also the problem. I think these are stale and underfed words. The House Dress Is Here To Rescue 2020, 'We Must Keep On': Paris Fashion Week Exudes Hope In Uncertain Times. ", This new series of short films are part of the Gucci story, a company about to celebrate its centennial in 2021. He worked for Italian knitwear brand Les Copains and luxury house Fendi under Karl Lagerfeld, before Tom Ford poached him to design for Gucci in 2002, starting with bags. He says the films were mostly about locations, fashion and people that Michele loves. Perfomerin Silvia Calderoni fordert Geschlechterklischees heraus. For example, after shooting the café scene, he dubbed the character's voices. Silvia Calderoni in Gus Van Sant’s Ouverture of Something That Never Ended’ for Gucci. I sort of found that exciting, challenging and like something I had done before. Harry Styles in the Gucci "Ouverture” mini-series, a project by the label’s creative director Alessandro Michele and the director Gus Van Sant. Si dirige verso il bar di quartiere, incontra qui la sua amica, interpretata dalla cantautrice e poetessa londinese, è Arlo Parks. Michele talked about the films he dreamed up, starring his friend Silvia Calderoni and his fashion models. Even Harry Styles in Jorts Can’t Save Gucci’s Mini-Series. Priya Ahluwalia, a British designer, and the filmmaker Samona Olanipekun paid homage to community leaders and matriarchs through a celebration of Afro-Caribbean rituals. Performance artist Silvia Calderoni stars in episode one of Ouverture of Something that Never Ended. Calderoni enters a Gucci store that is designed to look like a vintage shop. Silvia Calderoni’s look in the seventh episode is from the men’s ‘Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended’ collection: a three-piece suit with a retro style buttoned gilet and a pink silk shirt and brown silk tie, vintage style Gucci Eyewear with a gold sunglass chain, carrying a GG motif cosmetic case. Gus Van Sant/Gucci The film series follows days in the life of a woman, played by Italian actress Silvia Calderoni, as she and her Gucci tribe move dreamily through a rarefied Roman landscape. mdlsx at gucci hub During Milan Men’s Fashion Week, artist and actress Silvia Calderoni from Motus—an independent Italian theatre company—performed her work ‘MDLSX’ at the Gucci Hub. About changing desires.". Neither could Billie Eilish. The mini-series revolves around gender identities Set in Rome, the series follows an average day in the life of the gender-nonconformist performance artist Silvia Calderoni, and pumps up that premise with surreal imagery, celebrity cameos and music by the likes of Billie Eilish and Harry Styles . Gucci Official Site United States Gucci Manifesto Worn by Italian artists, performer Silvia Calderoni and djs Playgirls from Caracas, an online-exclusive collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by Alessandro Michele’s vision for the Fall Winter 2019 fashion show. It exists in another shape, you know? "There was no particular roadmap, so it was like a spontaneous poem." I was thinking, too, to make this crazy story about Silvia's life every day and little gestures and movements and fascinating people that she meets. Was die Füchse dazu meinen, weiss man nicht. The film series follows days in the life of a woman, played by Italian actress Silvia Calderoni, as she and her Gucci tribe move through a Roman landscape. Michele, born in Rome in 1972, studied at the city's Academy of Costume and Fashion. Co-directors Gus Van Sant, left, and Alessandro Michele on set in Rome. Besides, while Gucci may have failed at creating a cinematic fashion breakthrough, it succeeded at further empire building. Gucci's Miniseries for GucciFest Is Filled with Stars, Quirk, and a Whole Lot of Style. "It's more emotional rather than it is a plot or a step-by-step, beginning, middle, end story. hide caption. A giant rolling avocado! Silvia Calderoni and Jeremy O. Harris pause mid-scene with Gus Van Sant. The breakthrough is here! Erstklassige Nachrichtenbilder in hoher Auflösung bei Getty Images The first episode follows Calderoni's morning routine, waking up, brushing her teeth, stretching and being kissed by a friend on a bicycle inside her apartment. Bearded, with a moustache and long hair, he wore his signature "outlaw" look, with loads of bracelets, jewelry and white faux fur draped over his shoulders. Everyone is “costumed” in Gucci. The centerpiece of the virtual festival is a seven-part collaboration between Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele and filmmaker Gus Van Sant. There's no real plot to the series; it's seven vignettes meant to highlight the collection and offer what Michele calls, "a stream of tiny accidental events and delicate relations. Ouverture was shot entirely in Rome, where actor Silvia Calderoni stars as a woman going through a surreal daily routine in the city, as per Deadline. Mr. Michele has never bought into that whole “elegance is refusal” thing. Publiziert: 26.11.2020, 18:00. Like Van Sant's films, the new Gucci episodes have a meditative rhythm. The films, which have a dream-like, retro quality with vintage cars and juke-boxes, follow a woman, played by Italian actress Silvia Calderoni… Gucci Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews. Gucci fashion models populate her world, and there are cameos including playwright Jeremy O. Harris, pop star Harry Styles and musician and poet Arlo Parks. That’s a lot to demand of some checkerboard flares. At a time when people are isolated and lonely, Michele wanted to present his collection this way, offering his romantic vision of a freer world. Perfomerin Silvia Calderoni fordert Geschlechterklischee [...] Den ganzen Artikel lesen: Gus Van Sant dreht für Gucci: Città aper...→ #Gus Van Sant; #Silvia Calderoni; Lifestyle Mowalola Ogunlesi, the Nigerian-British designer who is also the creative director of Kanye West’s Gap collection, dreamed up an avatar-like fight-match world with the animation artist David Killingworth. You could probably play the episodes out of order and it would still be the same.". A Close Look at Gucci’s New Mini-Series Italian actress, performer and writer Silvia Calderoni is the protagonist of the mini-series co-directed by Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele. Other than the celebrity cameos: Mr. Van Sant in a plaid suit and Elton John-worthy specs included. Calderoni flings a dress from designer Michele's first Gucci women's collection over a balcony. “Ouverture” was a stab at an art house fashion film that doesn’t quite come off. With a lifelong appreciation of cinema, Michele teamed up with one of his favorite directors, Gus Van Sant, whose film My Own Private Idaho, is now an LGBTQ classic. Florence Welch (in fan-pleated hippie deluxe dress) creeps around the vintage store secreting notes in purses and pockets: “With the rain come the secrets,” “Tomorrow could be different.” Lu Han (in mint green glasses and a shell pink shirt) does some ironing and then quotes to Silvia via intercom: “Your body is like a pearl.”. On the TV, Spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado gives a lecture about gender theory. In other episodes, Calderoni meets Gucci-clad friends at a café, a post office, a vintage clothing shop and a theater. Episodi: “At home” Çfarë ndodhi me një fjali: Silvia, kapriçoze, lëviz nëpër shtëpi me veshje nga koleksioni Gucci Vjeshtë/Dimër 2015. It was the moment, in a way, to open the door of the boutique, you know? It includes a collapsing baguette bridge and a giant rolling avocado. Gucci präsentiert mit Kult-Regisseur Gus Van Sant einen Episodenfilm. You May Be In Sweatpants, But COVID-19 Hasn't Stopped Haute Couture, Don't Sweat(pants) It. He's long advocated for ways to express fashion beyond the runway. There are also new Gucci labels, including one called Eschatology, which refers to “a doctrine that explores the ultimate destiny of humans and the universe,” according to the brand. The Spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado, speaking on a TV program, suddenly turns out of the box to Silvia (doing her morning yoga in a sheer velvet lace jumpsuit and floral pasty bra) to discuss a world beyond gender norms. Gucci has ditched the traditional catwalk to present its latest range in a flamboyant seven-part 'Netflix-style' mini series starring androgynous Italian actress Silvia Calderoni Gucci präsentiert mit Kult-Regisseur Gus Van Sant einen Episodenfilm. Gucci's curated selection of short films feature the work of 15 emerging fashion designers and directors from around the globe. But they are very powerful, you know?". Zur Perfektion bringt dies nun das Label Gucci mit einer eigenen Miniserie. @gucci @guccibeauty” • See all of @silviacalderoni's photos and videos on their profile. Powerful and fascinating, like wearing a Gucci outfit for a day in Rome. "We will meet just twice a year, to share the chapters of a new story. Episodi: “At … So geht Mode 2021: Silvia Calderoni in der Gucci-Serie «Ouverture of Something that Never Ended». He even stayed at a hotel on same the Piazza del Popolo. Silvia Calderoni nel primo episodio di “OUVERTURE of Something that Never Ended”. GucciFest, Il festival ideato da Alessandro Michele per la presentazione della nuova collezione Ouverture, continua con il secondo episodio.La nostra protagonista, la poliedrica Silvia Calderoni, esce dal suo appartamento arredato in perfetto Gucci style. Three people involved with the Australian Open have the British-affiliated coronavirus variant. There may be some who want to rush out to buy it because of that. Silvia Calderoni posted on Instagram: “At the cafè. And beyond, I would like to leave behind the paraphernalia of leitmotifs that colonized our prior world: cruise, pre-fall, spring-summer, fall-winter. University of Michigan suspends athletic activities after finding multiple cases of the British-affiliated variant. Irregular, joyful and absolutely free chapters, which will be written blending rules and genres, feeding on new spaces, linguistic codes and communication platforms. The film series follows days in the life of a woman, played by Italian actress Silvia Calderoni, as she and her Gucci tribe move dreamily through a rarified Roman landscape, from her shabby chic apartment to a theater, café and vintage shop. Foto di Paige Powell In questi mesi di stallo e preoccupazione per l’industria della moda, ci si è ripetuti spesso che tutti i grandi cambiamenti avviati negli ultimi anni sarebbero arrivati a un punto cruciale, di fatto accelerati dall’emergenza in corso. Silvia Calderoni, Jeremy O. Harris and Gus Van Sant behind the scenes of Ouverture. All of them have been dressed willy-nilly by Mr. Michele in the new collection: 97 looks of classic Gucci muchness, accessorized to the hilt. And there is a little dialogue, though it is more like exposition. Gucci presents GucciFest online from 16 November. Big, live fashion shows are not happening in this time of COVID-19, and Gucci — whose influential creative director already wanted to curtail the madness of fashion's relentless cycle — has found a chic way to present its upcoming collection. Or Gus Van Sant. Michele says he wanted to give his collection, "a life, a person, a face, a character.

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