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Loathe - The Things They Believe (2021) Genre: Ambient / Instrumental Country: United Kingdom Quality: MP3, 320 kbps / FLAC 1. Creating sonic landscapes and parallels that explore and expand further on the areas within 'I Let It In And It Took Everything'. The Year Everything and Nothing Happened 6. Don't Get Hurt 03. Loathe have surprise-dropped a new instrumental album, 'The Things They Believe'.. You Never Came Back 08. The Things They Believe 2. Love in Real Time 05. Loathe comment: "The concept for 'The Things They Believe' was born from the incredible response to 'I Let It In And It Took Everything', which became the impetus to extend the identity and timeline of the record. Love in Real Time 5. The Things They Believe Loathe. Keep Fighting the Good Fight Loathe Scented Candle £ 25.00. Стиль: Ambient Треклист: 01. LOATHE tour dates. Aperture quiete e sognanti, pause di vaghezza e riflessione, erano d’altronde ben presenti e centrali anche nell’album uscito lo … Keep Fighting the Good Fight 10. MERCH. Don't Get Hurt 3. Perpetual … The Year Everything and Nothing Happened 06. ILIIAITE Tour Photo Book £ 20.00. Don't Get Hurt Lyrics. Loathe Ash Catcher + Incense Sticks Liverpool based metal outfit Loathe have just announced a new album, ‘The Things They Believe’.. It’s set to be released on February 7th 2021, a year to the day of the release of their last album, the critically-acclaimed ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything’ (which also claimed the #1 spot on our Top 10 Albums of 2020 list).. UK Store International Stores . "Do You - 4. 1. In fondo, quel che conta veramente è la qualità del materiale e, parlando di “The Things They Believe”, non ci stupisce più di tanto che i Loathe dimostrino di non brancolare nel buio. OUT NOW. Buy / Stream. The Things They Believe Tracklist. The Things They Believe 02. - Remember - 07. Black Marble 09. Instead of rushing out a follow-up release while they had massive amounts of media attention, they’ve became even more experimental than before while creating a truly incredible instrumental album that shows the sheer level of talent the band have, both as musicians and composers. The Things They Believe. 2. Do You 04. - Remember - 7. You Never Came Back 8. The Things They Believe Lyrics. Instead, Loathe used this to put together ‘The Things They Believe’, a collection of electronica-based ambient sketches unlike anything they’ve released thus far. The Things They Believe is an incredible achievement for Loathe. Black Marble 9. Honestly, getting a record like this from Loathe isn’t that surprising. Loathe clearly put a lot of time and effort into fantastically marketing this project. The Things They Believe was released on 7th February 2021, in order to commemorate the year anniversary of the band’s second album. Released February 7, 2021. TOUR DATES.

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