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The climate in Palestine both today and at the time of Jesus has two distinct seasons. September is still a very dry month with chances of rain nearly absent. 10.5/10 score. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and concurrently it is the capital of Israel. The dry or summer season lasts from the middle of June until the middle of September. brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for Jerusalem, Jerusalem District with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. Average Weather during September in Jerusalem (Jerusalem District), Israel. Average Weather in Jerusalem Israel. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 41°F to 85°F and is rarely below 35°F or above 91°F.. Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Jerusalem for hot-weather activities is from late June to mid September. The wet season starts in November and goes through April. Free Long Range Weather Forecast for Jerusalem, Jerusalem September 2021. The climate in Jerusalem during September can be summarized as warm and very dry. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a comfortable 29°C (84°F), whilst at night 17°C (62°F) is normal. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Jerusalem in September is 16.0°C (60.8°F). In Jerusalem, the summers are long, warm, arid, and clear and the winters are cold and mostly clear. 10 mm. Ideal. 6h 24m. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Jerusalem. Read an overview of the climate. The average sea surface temperature in September 2020 for Jerusalem was 98.3°F.The maximum and minimum values were 96.6°F and 100.0°F respectively. Climate of the city is influenced by multiple factors: elevation (754 m or 2470 ft. above sea level), the Mediterranean Sea and deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. The air finally slightly cools down in Jerusalem. Israel is hot in the Summer with average temperatures in the center of the country over … It’s not boiling hot anymore, which brings relief to everyone in the city. It is quite dry in these months … Continue reading "What Was the Climate and Weather Of Israel Like at the Time of Jesus?" The amount of rain in September is extremely low with an average of 0mm (0.0in). Jerusalem weather in September. Weather in Jerusalem in September 2020. daylight duration . Travel guide and advices. September is in the fall / autumn in Jerusalem and is typically the 3rd warmest month of the year. The overall weather comfort index is: Excellent (Rating between 80% and 100%) Good (Rating between 60% and 79%) Average (Rating between 40% and 59%) Bad (Rating between 20% and 39%) Very bad (Rating between 0% and 19%) Weather forecast Jerusalem in september Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Jerusalem ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Jerusalem ☀ Weather forecast for Jerusalem in September ☔. Calendar overview of Months Weather Forecast. precipitation. The wet or rainy season is from the middle of October to the middle of April. average temperatures. 10° average. Jerusalem is situated between the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas on the plateau in Judaean Mountains. Every few years, we're lucky enough to get a light snowfall and the whole city grinds to a halt so everyone can get out and enjoy the wonder, but most of the time, it just doesn't get cold enough for snow. Weather in Jerusalem in the winter is a bit less predictable than in the summer. The Winter months are still mild in Israel, although there are often storms in the coastal areas in December and January, and sometimes even snow in Jerusalem and the Galilee. Weather ☀ ⛅ Jerusalem ☀ ⛅ September ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in September for Jerusalem.

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